The Affordable Housing Council of Olympia Master Builders

Washington Association of Realtors Political Affairs Council

Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Council 2


Thurston County Deputy Sheriff's Association \ Washington FOP Lodge #38 

J.T. Wilcox, Washington State Representative

Justin and Kassie Haelle, Washington Window & Glass

Kevin J. O’Sullivan

Robert Schilt

Larry and Judy Weaver, Dream Weavers Real Estate

Cindy Caturia

John and Veronica Shriver

Sam Reed, Former Secretary of State

Patrick Beehler, Land Surveyor

Andrew Barkis, State Representative 

Keith Swank, Seattle Police Captain

Dan Wojtech, Retired Police Sgt.

Glen Morgan, Journalist

Lanette Dyer, Retired WTRFA Captain

Mel Baird

Katherine and Leo Vasquez

Dusty Pierpoint, Retired Lacey Police Chief

Debbie Edwards, Yelm School Board of Directors

Gary Edwards, County Commissioner District #2


Diane Oberquell, Former County Commissioner 

Gary Alexander, Former State Representative 

2023 Mainstream Republican Primary Endorsements

Caroline Manger

Darryl Bullock

Check out Glen Morgan's Video on why he endorses Vivian

Latest Endorsements


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